Amazing Awaits

About the project

We had the honor of working with the USOC for the 2008 Summer Olympics that would be held in Beijing, China. The writers worked tirelessly together to craft an absolutely beautiful manifesto, which went on to inspire the late Maya Angelou to craft her own version based off an old poem she had written.

Once the writers cracked the manifesto and began working on the film,
I was tasked with designing the only print ad that would be supporting the tagline, Amazing Awaits. The manifesto was so powerful that it made you believe that anything was possible. Inspired by the leap of faith line in an earlier version of the manifesto, I sketched out a long jumper silhouette leaping from New York to Beijing.

I found all the photos I would need on Getty Images and composited the image you see below. Keeping the elements small created an epic scale while the simplicity in the visual storytelling made the image powerful.

My role

Art Director

Just amazing.

The writers did such an amazing job with the manifesto that I had to include it here for your viewing pleasure. So well, Maya Angelou got involved.

It's totally natural if your allergies act up while watching these videos.

Amazing Awaits – Manifesto

"Amazement Awaits" – Maya Angelou

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