Your Move

About the project

I got to have my Tim Robbins moment from The Hudsucker Proxy film, but instead of showing my bosses a circle, I held up a square. You could imagine the looks I got. That is until I explained that it was a stage. A stage that anyone could step into and showcase their amazing talents.

Reebok lets you dictate what sport is. We invited people around the globe to take the same stage along side some of the greatest athletes ever seen and show us their moves. We gave them the stage, a chalk square, and we filmed it.

We posted it all on a custom Your Move website and invited others to step up and post their moves. And they did. Some awesome stuff. They broke the mold proving what we set out to prove. The Reebok philosophy – sport is what you make it.

My role

Art Director

Your Move – Case Study

Anthem – Your Move TV Spot

Thierry Henry – Your Move TV Spot

Jelena Janković – Your Move TV Spot

Alexander Ovechkin – Your Move TV Spot

Your Move Website

They showed us their moves.

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