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Solbeso is an incredibly unique product that the spirits industry had never seen before. It was like no other spirit on the shelf. It was the world's first super-fruit spirit. Made from distilled cacao. No, it didn't taste like chocolate. It was clear and hit the palate somewhere between vodka and tequila. It was smooth and sweet. It was versatile enough to be sipped on its own or added to your favorite mixer.

The truly remarkable part of Solbeso was the buzz that it offered. Cacao has offered many benefits throughout history and those played a unique role in Solbeso's buzz. Mood enhancement, a boost in energy and a morning free of aches and pains. Well, not ones due to consumption.

Solbeso was the better buzz that everyone is looking for. We used its eye-catching tropical roots to stand out and focused our messaging on educating people how to use it.

My role:

Creative Director
Art Director

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